‘Tell My Wi-Fi Love Her’

Meetup notes – July 15, 2015

Full beer kegs

We took a small hiatus from our monthly meetups in June but returned in July with plenty to discuss.

Conference season started with Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June followed by Penn State’s MacAdmins Conference in early July and IDG’s MacIT Conference just a week later. Conferences are perfect opportunities for deep-diving into both new and existing technologies. Nothing beats removing the distraction of the office and immersing yourself in a few days of concentrated career education.

But almost everyone who attends a Mac admins conference says the most valuable experience is between sessions in the hallways. That’s where you strike up conversations with complete strangers who, coincidentally, have the same frustrations and problems to solve as you. That’s where I met Tom Bridge a little more than a year ago.

Question: What do these have in common? Full Beer Kegs Tom Bridge Brick Wall

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Let's get physical!

Meetup – July 15, 2015

Wi-Fi signal

Meetup Notes

If you go on vacation in Minnesota, you go up north. Even if you live in Embarrass, there’s still a little more north to go.

Tom Bridge is a consultant and Mac admin living in Washington, D.C., but his mother’s family is from the North Shore. He has many fond memories of summers there. He’ll be returning in mid July with his wife Tiffany and nearly two-year-old son Charlie to make some new memories.

I asked Tom if he’d mind stopping by for a quick presentation on his way and he was gracious enough to accept the invitation. This comes on the heels of the PSU MacAdmins conference where he’s presenting an all-day workshop Fundamentals of Wi-Fi (or, Arguing with Physics).

He’ll present an abbreviated version for us where I’m sure he’ll discuss those infuriating little bars—symbols of weakness, indicators of helplessness.

Our host for this meetup is

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