Meetup notes – December 17, 2015

Our last meetup of 2015 fell on the eve of the release of Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. While preparing for our meetup, we were a little nervous attendance might be lower than expected. Quite to the contrary, though, we had one of our largest turnouts so far!

To say Thank You! for taking time out of your busy holiday season along with scheduling around “the movie we’ve been looking for”, please enjoy this five-hour long Darth Vader Yule log. We hope it brings you as much warmth as we’ve received putting together these meetups throughout the year.

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Meetup – December 17, 2015

Our host’s motto is “We code all winter.” We return to JAMF Software‘s Town Hall in downtown Minneapolis just before they slip away to their fiber-connected cabins up north for the next few months. This is your opportunity to find your favorite JAMF and drive home how you really need that new feature in Casper early next year.

Whether you’re a JAMF Software customer or not, though, our main presentation is for all Mac admins. Paul Bowden with the Apple Platform Experiences (APEX) team at Microsoft joins us on the big screen from Redmond for a question and answer session about Office 2016 for Mac. He’s your guy if you’ve ever wondered:

“Why doesn’t my volume license installer actually install the license?”

“How do I stop those annoying What’s New windows?”

“Why is Office for Mac so friggin’ huge now!?”

“Why does

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We're gonna need a lot more NetBoot bolts!

JNUC Social Recap – October 28, 2015

Mac conference season is almost over. We have just one more left—Mactech Conference 2015 in Los Angeles, November 4-6. Minneapolis just finished hosting its sixth JAMF Nation User Conference, the largest Mac admins conference to date. For one week, the Stone Arch Bridge becomes probably the most photographed landmark in downtown and one of the iconic symbols of #JNUC.

We return to the 360 degree view next week at the top of the Twin Cities! Our host is mono, an advertising, creative and design firm for clients such as Target, the NHL and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota. Their office is on the top floor of the MoZaic Art Park building in Uptown. And we’re devoting the entirety of this month’s meetup to a recap of the JNUC. Even if you’re not using Casper in your environment, the conference had many sessions about Mac administration that would apply

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Anyone up for a road trip to Europe?

Meetup notes – August 26, 2015


August is a busy month for Mac admins. It’s the end of vacation season just before school starts and everyone is either taking PTO for that last summer family outing or covering for someone else who’s on vacation.

If you’re stuck in the office that means you’re wrapping up those overdue system updates, finishing student labs or getting your new servers in place and into production before peak season hits and Change Management says, “No changes for the next three months!” Sucks to be you. Or does it?

Sucks to be you. Or does it?

Most of your users are on vacation too! There are no interruptions to fix printer problems and email just seems to work during the month of August. Your commute hasn’t been bad lately either—seems like you’re seeing fewer cars on the road. Oooooh, and your

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‘I'm in the directory—look me up‘

Meetup – August 26, 2015


Our first Twin Cities Mac Admins meetup this year was in the middle of winter at the Uptown Apple Store in its briefing room. We return to Apple in the middle of summer for this month’s meetup.

What’s happened in the Mac admin community in seven short months? Plenty!

We’re seeing a surge of Mac admin meetups around the country. JAMF Software maintains a page of Casper User Groups. MacBrained is strong in San Francisco with meetups most every month. And both Chicago Apple Admins and Philly Mac Admins not only held their July meetups the same evening, but they had users Periscoping their talks. You could watch live streaming presentations or watch on the web up to 24 hours later.

Starting in June, we’ve had four major Mac conferences including Apple’s WWDC, PSU MacAdmins, MacIT and newcomer MacDevOps in Vancouver. We still have MacTech and JAMF Nation User Conference

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‘Tell My Wi-Fi Love Her’

Meetup notes – July 15, 2015

Full beer kegs

We took a small hiatus from our monthly meetups in June but returned in July with plenty to discuss.

Conference season started with Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June followed by Penn State’s MacAdmins Conference in early July and IDG’s MacIT Conference just a week later. Conferences are perfect opportunities for deep-diving into both new and existing technologies. Nothing beats removing the distraction of the office and immersing yourself in a few days of concentrated career education.

But almost everyone who attends a Mac admins conference says the most valuable experience is between sessions in the hallways. That’s where you strike up conversations with complete strangers who, coincidentally, have the same frustrations and problems to solve as you. That’s where I met Tom Bridge a little more than a year ago.

Question: What do these have in common? Full Beer Kegs Tom Bridge Brick Wall

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Let's get physical!

Meetup – July 15, 2015

Wi-Fi signal

Meetup Notes

If you go on vacation in Minnesota, you go up north. Even if you live in Embarrass, there’s still a little more north to go.

Tom Bridge is a consultant and Mac admin living in Washington, D.C., but his mother’s family is from the North Shore. He has many fond memories of summers there. He’ll be returning in mid July with his wife Tiffany and nearly two-year-old son Charlie to make some new memories.

I asked Tom if he’d mind stopping by for a quick presentation on his way and he was gracious enough to accept the invitation. This comes on the heels of the PSU MacAdmins conference where he’s presenting an all-day workshop Fundamentals of Wi-Fi (or, Arguing with Physics).

He’ll present an abbreviated version for us where I’m sure he’ll discuss those infuriating little bars—symbols of weakness, indicators of helplessness.

Our host for this meetup is

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lpadmin, lpoptions, lpinfo, oh my!

Meetup notes – May 21, 2015

Faces are becoming important.

At our meetups over the past five months I’ve seen faces of former co-workers, customers, Twitter-friends and other members of the Mac admins community. And each month I still see new faces. Every meetup is a chance to reconnect with old friends and new friends—and eventually call everyone by name. (Insert theme song from Cheers!)

We didn’t gather around a bar but we did gather around mono’s long table on the top floor of the MoZaic building in Uptown after spending part of a beautiful Thursday afternoon on the outside deck. Thanks, Grant Griffith and Patrick Mullen for hosting us at your office on top of Minneapolis.


We seated 21 Mac admins around the long table for the meetup and seated nearly a dozen around the tables at The Republic for our after-meetup gathering for dinner and drinks.

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‘Show us your Self Service!’

Meetup – May 21, 2015

Dark Knight of the Twin Cities

Meetup Notes

For one night in May, Mac admins watch over the Twin Cities, so criminals will have a reason to be afraid of the dark. Of the air. Of the knights of the server room. (Too dramatic?)

Come to our meetup this month for a fantastic 360 degree view of the Twin Cities! Our host is mono, an advertising, creative and design firm for clients such as Target, the NHL and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota. Their office is on the top floor of the MoZaic Art Park building in Uptown.

We’re also taking a slight detour this time from one or two presentations to multiple mini presentations. By you! The theme is “Show us your Self Service!”

While we’ve avoided turning Twin Cities Mac Admins into a Casper User Group (we’re certainly in JAMF Software territory), we haven’t yet had a presentation about Casper. Self Service is

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Rootpipe, iOS Support Matrix, Darwin Nuke and more...

Meetup notes – April 23, 2015


Early Thursday, I checked RSVPs for our April meetup and looked at the map plotting attendee geography. We’ve been using EventBrite the past few events and it’s worked really well for us. Part of its benefit to organizers is it gathers basic location information based on the IP address where folks register.

We’re Twin Cities Mac Admins, so I gathered we’d attract folks from the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. But some of those little blue dots on the map were from at least a couple hours away. A further blue dot was from Chicago.

I arrived before the event to find a couple of early arrivals and sat down with them. One I knew from past events and one was new. These were a couple of Mac admins who took time to travel and join us from southern Minnesota and Wisconsin. I learned later the Chicago blue dot was a

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