Meetup – March 23, 2015

Meetup notes

In celebration of the Spring Equinox we go in search of rainbows and unicorns through automation. (And we’re changing all hyperlinks on the site to green! Someone remind me later to reset them to #0044FF.)

Rainbows and unicorns

Automation takes time to plan and implement. But once in place it dramatically reduces the number of taps to prepare an iPad for a user or efficiently handles the tedium of downloading new software updates for Macs and preparing them for testing and distribution. As Brad likes to say, “I work hard at being lazy.”

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Meetup notes – February 23, 2015

CoCo Minneapolis’ big board said it all the evening of our second Twin Cities Mac Admins meetup. Thanks, CoCo, for the hospitality and the beautiful venue!

CoCo Minneapolis tweets

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Meetup – February 23, 2015

Meetup Notes

We have a fantastic location reserved and a great presentation for our February meetup!

CoCo Minneapolis

CoCo Minneapolis operates out of the historic Trading Floor of the Minneapolis Grain Exchange building. Come meet your neighboring Twin Cities Mac Admins in this beautiful and spacious location.

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Meetup notes – January 22, 2015

Twin Cities Mac Admins meetup January 2015What if you decided to hold an event, plan it and publicize it—and people actually showed up?

When I stood to introduce myself at our first Twin Cities Mac Admins meetup, I was very glad to see some familiar faces in the room—a former co-worker, three of my Casper JumpStart clients and folks from conferences and training classes. I even got to fill in more of my Twitter bingo card, finally meeting Mac Admins in person I’d only known virtually.

I was just as glad to see new faces (to me) from the surrounding community who are interested in sharing their experiences with their fellow Mac Admins.

Below are my notes. I encourage anyone who attended to add notes using the comments section. We discussed a lot of good stuff.

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Meetup – January 22, 2015

Meetup Notes

Response to our January meeting announcement was better than expected. The venue is small and we’ve already reached capacity at 30 reservations. We’re learning from this, though, and already have our February location reserved. It should accommodate up to 50 people. We’ll find something bigger if necessary.

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