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Bound for MacAdmins Conference at Penn State University

MacAdmins at Penn State University

Many roads lead to State College, but where we’re going, we don’t need… roads. Because we’re flying.

Be a part of the Minnesota delegation to the MacAdmins Conference at PSU this year! A group of us flies out late Sunday morning, June 26, and returns the following Thursday evening around 9:00 p.m. If this is your first time attending, you’ll be traveling with folks you already know. And knowing somebody is the first step to meeting more of your colleagues from around the globe.

This conference is for professionals in both education and enterprise and has a good mix of attendees from both markets. It covers a broad range of topics from OS X to iOS, packaging to deployment, and commercial to open source solutions.

Organizers have dedicated the first day to all-day workshops, which are already posted. These are in-depth and sometimes hands-on workshops ranging from the fundamental to

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