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Meetup – June 23, 2016

The microphonePeople form communities to find solutions to common problems. If you’ve ever had an inspired moment or if you’ve discovered a hidden nugget of wisdom, we ask you share it with us now.

For the past few years, Hopkins Public Schools has helped shape the Mac admin education community in Minnesota with its summertime conference focused on supporting Apple products in schools. This year, they’re opening the second day of their 2016 Hopkins EDU iOS & OS X Bootcamp “The Summer Apple Technical Thing” to include Twin Cities Mac Admins (including enterprise, government and consultancies) to form the first:

Solutions Summit

Have you ever seen a TED Talk? These are short talks (typically less than 10 minutes) where an individual provides an inspiring presentation about something he or she is passionate about. For this event, we want to try something similar. We are going to spend approximately 2.5 hours having individuals share a short presentation in a rapid fire session of presenters.

Here is your challenge:

You will get exactly 8 minutes (maximum) to show something cool that you do with a Mac or an iOS device. This compelling presentation should be related to your work managing Apple devices or something that you do on your own personal time. This could be a demonstration of an app that has changed your (the) world. You could demonstrate a management script that you wrote or an incredible workflow that you’ve created that has made your life easier. Another possibility would be an incredible video or series of photos you’ve created using Apple devices in some unique way.

We want you to show us your best thing. Remember — you get only 8 minutes to present.


  • You will get exactly 8 minutes. If you go over we will cut you off to make sure the next presenter has his/her 8 minutes.
  • So we don’t get 12 people all trying to present on the same thing, we are asking you to submit your presentation idea and the committee that is putting on this event will notify you if you are selected to present. Due to time we may not be able to accept every presentation submitted.
  • As part of your submission, please let us know if you have any unusual AV requirements beyond a microphone to amplify your voice, a plug in for connecting your device for audio amplification, and a projector.

Twin Cities Mac Admins Solution Summit Presenters Application:


Only your time.

Date & time:
Thursday, June 23rd
1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Hopkins High School
2400 Lindbergh Dr.
Minnetonka, MN 55305

Free parking.

After the event, we’ll ask for announcements from the group as well as job openings. Your next boss might just be in the same room!

Then we’ll head over to LTD Brewing Co. to continue the conversation. If you can keep your afternoon open, we’d love to have time to mingle and get to meet everyone.

We’ll also announce details about our July UNmeetup including date, time and place.

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